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Advanced Reading & Writing in Japanese 1 (120 EC)


Admission requirements

Students admitted to MA Asian Studies 120 ec tracks.


This course builds on skills that students have acquired by the time they enter the programme. Advanced level structures, reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are further developed. Language activities are organized in order to develop and enhance logical thinking. The course aims to develop skills enabling students to read specialized texts, documents and materials analytically and critically. Students will also receive training in developing writing skills necessary to engage in producing texts about relatively specialized topics.

Course objectives

The studying materials aim not only at helping students acquire vocabulary and sentence structures, but also learn the difference between written language (for reading) and spoken language (for listening and speaking). Students will do a presentation on a topic related to the reading material and they will be quizzed on kanji characters and vocabulary regularly.


The timetables are available through My Timetable.

Mode of instruction


Assessment method

Kanji&Vocabulary Quiz: 20%
Oral presentation: 10%
Writing Assignment:20%
Final exams : 50%

The re-sit exam for the final exam is available to students whose mark of the final exam is insufficient.

Exam Review

Students may request an oral elucidation of the assessment within 30 days after publication of the grade.

Reading list

It will be provided via Blackboard.


Enrolment through MyStudyMap is mandatory.