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International Investment Law and Arbitration


*Course is taught in the 2nd semester. *

Course description
This course provides students with a general overview of the fundamental principles of international investment law, i.e. the international standards for the protection of investments and the contemporary investment law regime composed of international contracts and bilateral and multilateral investment agreements. It will then focus on the available dispute resolution mechanisms in this field, notably the access of foreign investors to international arbitration against the host State. Specific attention will be given to the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), which administers the majority of investment arbitrations. Investment arbitration, having much in common with public international law, as well as international commercial arbitration, builds further on the two courses on these specific subjects, and aims in essence, through contrast and comparison, explain the specific features of investment treaty arbitration.

The course will be assessed 25% based on an oral presentation and 75% on a final paper.

Course Topics

  • The development and Sources of Contemporary Investment Law

  • Investment Contracts, Investment Treaties and Standards of Treatment

  • Investment Treaty Arbitration

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