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Thesis Seminars Political Science - Information and Deadlines Fall 2022


Course Objectives

1. To deepen the understanding of theories and methods related to research on the theme of the Master Specialisation.
2. Applying them to a specific topic as part of the student’s Master thesis project.

Information session

On Wednesday 18 May 2022, 15:15-17:00h, there will be an online information session, with the coordinator of the Thesis Seminars (dr. Roos v.d. Haer) as well as the TS supervisors of the Fall 2022 program. An invitation will be sent to students by mail, to participate in this Zoom meeting.


Registration for the Thesis Seminar in the Fall semester is possible from Wednesday 13 July 2022 till 14 days before the start of the course.
Registration is open for students that started their Master in one of the Political Science specialisations, in February 2022. All other students should contact the Exam Committee to request permission to take this thesis seminar. Students can take the thesis seminar only once in their academic year.

If you have any questions about this procedure, please refer to the Thesis Seminar Coordinator, Roos van der Haer.

General Information

To ensure timely completion of the Master thesis, it is essential for students to follow the steps as described subsequently and as shown in the time table below. Attendance is compulsory in all meetings of the thesis seminar. It is strongly recommended that students start thinking about the topic of their MSc thesis at an early stage.

Formal Requirements

The MSc Political Science program requires the writing of a thesis (20 EC points) as the final product of a thesis seminar, in addition to successful completion of the five courses. In general, the number of words of the thesis must be between 8,000 and 10,000, including tables, footnotes and bibliography.

Working on the MSc thesis starts with writing a research proposal. The research proposal must include a problem statement, theoretical foundation, conceptualization and, if applicable, operationalization of key variables, and present the methodology and techniques for data collection and analysis.

The MSc thesis needs to comply with high standards of academic research and writing. It is important that the thesis is consistent, clear and original in the sense of constituting an own contribution to ongoing research. In various courses offered in this program, students learn how to conduct research and how to write academic papers. Among the criteria used to evaluate the thesis are its originality, consistency, academic (and, if applicable, societal) relevance, the choice of an adequate theoretical framework, the correct application of analytical methods, the quality of the data collection, and the presentation of the text.

The first and final versions of the thesis should adhere to the following formatting and layout requirements:

The thesis should include a cover page stating the title, the student’s name, student number, course specialization, word count, submission date, and the names of the supervisor and of the second reader.
The thesis should include a short abstract (maximum 200 words)
The thesis should be typeset in an appropriate font, such as Times New Roman, size 12, double line spacing. Pages should be numbered. The layout of the text and formatting of tables and figures should conform to standards for political science research articles.
The thesis should use a consistent style of referencing throughout.
The thesis seminar instructor can provide additional advice, requirements and/or guidelines regarding layout and formatting.

Working on the research proposal

During August, students are expected to read the literature for their thesis seminar as announced on Brightspace by their thesis seminar teacher. Students should also individually search for literature and background information concerning their specific research topics. Students must use the assigned literature to start working on their research proposal that will be further developed in the first part of the thesis seminar.

Thesis seminar classes

Attendance is compulsory in the thesis seminar classes. Participation in the thesis seminar classes, the assignments for these classes, and the final version of the research proposal constitute the ‘practical part’ of the course and are all mandatory and a condition of entry to the examination for the thesis (i.e. writing the thesis itself). The final grade for the thesis seminar is based on the grade received for the thesis. It is of utmost importance that students attend all seminar classes and have a thesis proposal of high quality and academic standards finalized during the first part of the thesis seminar.

Submitting final version of research proposal

The deadline for submitting the final version of the research proposal (through Turnitin and in print) is Monday 17 October 2022, noon). An approved proposal is essential for the start of the thesis-writing process. Although students may continue working on their thesis without a formally approved proposal, they are then doing so ‘on their own’ (thesis seminar teachers are no longer obliged to provide supervision). The proposal must be approved by the supervisor and by a second reader. The second reader will be designated by the Director of Studies. Once the supervisor and second reader accept the research proposal, a copy of the proposal, signed by the supervisor and the second reader will be submitted to the student’s file of academic records. If a proposal is not completed in time or not approved, a record of this will be deposited in the student’s file of records.

Working on first complete draft of the Master thesis

After the approval of the research proposal by their supervisor and the second reader, students work on their thesis for about seven weeks. During this phase, students have individual and/or group meetings with their supervisor. A number of meetings and subsequent revisions may be needed before the thesis is considered to meet the required academic standards. The deadline for submitting the first complete draft of the thesis (through Turnitin and in print) is Monday 12 December 2022, 12 pm (noon).

Submitting final version of Master thesis

In the days following submission, the thesis seminar instructor will read the first complete draft of the thesis. During this period, students can double-check various aspects of their thesis, such as references, bibliography, data or facts, preparing for last corrections on their work. After the supervisor’s comments on the first complete draft have been received, students revise their thesis. The deadline for submitting the final version of the Master thesis (through Turnitin and in print) is Monday 16 January 2023, 12 pm (noon). Students submit this final version to their supervisor and to their second reader. The supervisor and second reader (both members of the departmental faculty) together decide on the final grade for the thesis. This final grade is communicated to students within 15 working days.

Final meeting with supervisor

Students get the opportunity to review the thesis assessment forms and, if they so wish, receive feedback from the supervisor in a final meeting. All assessment forms are submitted to the Student Service Centre by the supervisor and are added to the student’s file of academic records.

Under strict conditions, supervisors and students can ask the Examination Commission for permission to rewrite and resubmit a failed thesis. The student uses the comments given by both readers to do this, but there is no further supervision during the rewriting. The deadline for this resubmission is on 1 March. The rewritten thesis will be graded by the first and the second reader again, but there is no supervision in the meantime and students will receive their grade 15 working days after the deadline.
Note that the implication is that students have to re-enroll and register in the next semester. Note also this option can be chosen only if:
a) A full and complete final thesis was submitted on the set deadline in January.
b) That thesis was not graded below 5 and the supervisor thinks that there is a good chance that rewriting will produce a pass.
c) The supervisor requests the Examination Commission to allow a rewrite.
Students can take the thesis seminar only once in their academic year. If the thesis (seminar) is not finalized with a passing grade, students will have to retake the complete thesis seminar in the next Fall. Requests for an exception must be addressed to the Exam Committee.
If the student is unable to complete the master thesis by the deadline due to circumstances beyond his/her control, a suitable solution will be sought by the Exam Committee after consultation with the student.

Time Table MSc Thesis Seminar Fall semester 2022

Students study reading list (announced on Brightspace) and start working on their research proposal.
Wednesday 7 September 2022
Start of thesis seminar classes and actual supervision.
Monday 17 October, noon
Deadline. Students submit final version of research proposal to the supervisor and second reader.
By Friday 28 October
Final version of research proposal approved by supervisor and second reader.
Saturday 29 October – Monday 12 December
Time period devoted to individual work on the thesis, including individual and/or small group meetings.
Monday 12 December, noon
Deadline. Students submit the first complete draft of their Master thesis.
By Thursday 22 December
Feedback and comments on first complete draft thesis by supervisor.
Monday 26 December – Monday 16 January 2023
Revision of the thesis.
Monday 16 January, noon
Deadline. Students submit two copies of the final version of the Master thesis: one to the supervisor and one to the second reader.
By Friday 3 February
Student is informed about the thesis assessment (grade) and will meet the supervisor in a final meeting.