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Themes and Approaches to Korean Studies


Admission requirements

This course is only available for BA2 students who have successfully completed BA1 Methods and Issues in Korean Studies.


This course aims to further the knowledge and skills obtained by BA1 Methods and Issues in Korean Studies. Students will deepen their understanding of current research themes and selected approaches in Korean Studies and engage in key discussions by identifying a problem or challenge, and raising questions. Students will design and plan their own group project to answer the questions and finally, individual students will develop one of their group projects into a research paper. Through the group and individual work, students will put their knowledge and (heuristic, academic, and digital humanities) skills into practice and hone them.

Course objectives

By the end of the course, students will be able to

  1. Gain a good understanding of and insight into current themes in Korean studies;
  2. Actively engage in key discussions in the field covered by the course;
  3. Critically review and analyze textual and visual materials;
  4. Write, present and defend research findings in a professional, and structured way;
  5. Obtain collabration and communication skills


The timetables are available through My Timetable.

Mode of instruction


Assessment method


The assessment consists of weekly and final assignment. Students will complete all weekly assignments, which takes up 45% (15% each per module) of the final grade. At the end of the course, students will choose only one module and submit his/her final paper pertaining to the module. The final assignment will take up 55% of the final grade. In order to pass the course, students need a passing grade (5.50 or higher) as the final grade.


Weekly assignment: 45%
Final paper: 55%


Only students who have complied with the attendance policy and fulfilled all course requirements and assignments but failed the course with the final grade lower than 5.50 are entitled to a resit. The resit consists of a second attempt for the weekly or final assignment of the module(s) which students failed.

Inspection and feedback

How and when an exam review will take place will be informed together with the exam results at the latest. If a student requests a review within 2 weeks after publication of the exam results, an exam review will be organized.

Deadlines and extensions: if you foresee that you will not be able to keep a deadline because of extenuating circumstances, contact your instructor well in advance (at least one week before the deadline). For extensions beyond the end of the semester, please contact your instructor and the study coordinator and file a request with the Board of Examiners at least one week before the original deadline.

Reading list

Specific readings per week are listed in the course syllabus for each module.


Enrolment through My Studymap is mandatory.

Students who study abroad in Korea should enrol in Group 101 and students who study at Leiden should enrol in Group 102.

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  • For substantive questions, contact the lecturer listed in the right information bar.

  • For questions about enrolment, admission, etc, contact the Education Administration Office: Vrieshof


  • Attendance policy: a strict attendance policy is imposed. Missing more than three sessions during the semester gets you barred from further attending the course and your papers may not be graded. Any absences must be notified in advance. Dispensation from the attendance policy for extenuating circumstances can only be granted by the Board of Examiners. after consultation with the coordinator of studies.

  • Deadlines are to be kept. Failure to fulfil the assignments counts as an absence. Late submission of final assignments may result in a grade deduction of 0.5 per day.