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The Dissident Mind


Admission requirements

Required course(s):

None, but Foundational Debates in Governance, Economics & Development is recommended.


The course offers a unique look into the nature of totalitarian regimes through the lens of personal accounts and insights of dissidents. We will tackle in depth what motivates individuals to see through the totalitarian regime's deceptive practices, where do dissidents draw the courage to resist corruption and what also makes them fold amidst the pressures and intimidation. We search together whether a unique "dissident personality" can be described or whether a confluence of societal and personal characteristics make up a dissident mind. Finally, we reflect together on how effectively the dissident mind can be delineated from the totalitarian mind. In the spirit of liberal arts education, the course weaves together psychology, philosophy, history, fiction and film.

Course Objectives



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Mode of instruction


Assessment Method

  • Participation, 15%, Weeks 1-7

  • Discussion Leadership, 15%, Weeks 1-7

  • Papers (2x), 40% (20% each), Weeks 4 and 7

  • Quizzes (2x), 30% (15% each), Weeks 1-7

Reading list



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