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Introduction to Heritage Studies 2


Admission requirements



Museums and collections

This course is an introduction to the main theories and concepts currently used in working with museums and collections.
You will learn about historical aspects of museology, such as the long-term histories of collections, colonialism and looting, and the emergence of national museums in the 19th century; as well as concepts and issues pertaining to the practical work of museums, such as curatorship in the 21st century, restitution and repatriation, exhibition and representation, ownership and stewardship of museums and collections, among others.

We will focus on museums and collections of archaeology, anthropology, and natural history. There will be one museum visit during the course (practical conditions permitting) and/or a conversation with a museum curator.

Course set-up

  • Two-hour class: lecture and discussion;

  • Two-hour tutorial.

Course objectives

  • To familiarise students with the state-of-the-art discussions and practices of museum and collection work;

  • To present an overview of research topics and possibilities pertaining to museum work, so that students can be well-informed when later choosing classes/internships in this field.


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Mode of instruction

  • Lectures;

  • Class discussions;

  • Museum visit.

You will take part in tutorial sessions, coordinated by Teaching Assistants (TAs). During these tutorials, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in conversations about various research topics. Alongside the TAs, the lecturers will also occasionally participate in the tutorials.

Assessment method

  • Final exam (individual): multiple-choice and open essay question(s) (50%);

  • Final assignment (in group) (50%).

No retake is possible for the final assignment.

Assessment deadlines

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The final assignment is due four weeks after the end of the course.

Reading list

  • N. Thomas (2016), The Return of Curiosity: What Are Museums Good For in the 21st century?;

  • Other books and articles will be announced.

There is no need to purchase books, access will be provided.


The Administration Office will register all Archaeology BA1 students in uSis for their lectures, tutorials and exams in semester 1 and semester 2.

However for exams, confirmation through MyStudymap is mandatory.
No confirmation = no participation!

If you are not a BA1 student, but want to take this course, please contact the Administration Office.

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Exchange and Study Abroad students, please see the Prospective students website for information on how to apply.

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For more information about this course, please contact dr. M. (Mariana) de Campos Françozo.


We plan a museum visit, if possible – NMWC or RMO, whichever accept students’ cards for free entry.