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International Political Economy (IRO)


Exchange students: please note this course has content overlap with Introduction to International Political Economy and cannot be taken in combination with it


International Political Economy sits at the cross-section between international economics and international politics. It allows social scientists to ask questions like who governs the global economy? How can countries cooperate on issues like trade and climate change? How can we explain the recent political backlash against globalization? This course introduces International Political Economy’s core concepts and theories. Students will learn about the political dynamics that shape the global economy’s main building blocks – international trade, monetary policy, finance, immigration, and energy. We will also discuss how the international economy influences politics at home. The course will survey the post-war history of major economic institutions, such as the international trade and monetary regime, and introduce contemporary debates. For each major topic, students will encounter a variety of theoretical approaches and learn how to evaluate them critically. We will emphasize systemic theories of international cooperation, the role of institutions and ideas, and interest group politics.

Course objectives

The objectives of this course are to:
1) Articulate generally and apply to specific cases the major theoretical approaches that explain variation in international economic policy adoption and outcomes;
2) Foster an understanding of the post-war history of international economic institutions;
3) Discuss the challenges faced by states operating in the modern economy;
4) Teach students to critically evaluate empirical evidence on the various explanations behind international economic policy outcomes.

Mode of instruction

This course will consist of two 2-hour lectures per week.

Assessment method

Written exam.
65% Multiple Choice and 35% Short Answer/Essay.

Reading list

This class will draw heavily on: "Thomas Oatley, International Political Economy (6th Edition)”

A syllabus with a detailed list of required and recommended readings will be made available on Brightspace.


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