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Symbolic AI


Admission Requirements

Algorithmics and Datasctructures (course)
Logic (course)

Without having passed these courses, participation in Symbolic AI is not possible.

Individual JAVA programming assignment: PASS/FAIL, handed out after the first lecture. (entry assignment)

Without passing this assignment, participation is not possible.

Recommended prior knowledge:

Propositional and Predicate Logic, Search, Trees, and Dijkstra, Automata, Sorting and Searching.


Artificial Intelligence is about developing intelligent autonomous decision-making systems. These systems are integrated into things like cars, robots, medical expert systems, and websites. Such systems use a collection of different techniques, such as machine learning, reinforcement learning, as well as logic, planning, and reasoning. In this course, you will learn the basics of classical artificial intelligence. The focus of this course is on understanding and programming various forms of logical decision-making systems, planners, and planning algorithms, and applying them in autonomous agents. These systems often rely on knowledge represented in the form of symbols and logical formulas, over which rules can reason to produce new knowledge or actions. Therefore, we not only cover advanced search techniques but also different forms of symbolic knowledge representation. Hence the term Symbolic AI.

Course Objectives

Understanding and programming various forms of knowlegde representation, (logical) decision-making systems, inference methods, planners, and planning algorithms, and applying them in autonomous agents.


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Mode of Instruction

Lectures: Live and pre-recorded videos.
Lab: On-site and online/at home, on-site location: LIACS

Assessment Method

Exam (50%)
Lab (50%)

The instructor will inform the students about the review and debriefing of the exam.

Reading List

Russel & Norvig "Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach". (book)


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