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Creative AI


Admission requirements

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From the beginning of the field of artificial intelligence (AI), the possibility of producing creative systems has been a "grand challenge". This course provides an introduction to the topic of creative AI and explores approaches to developing generative systems using modern techniques, e.g., evolutionary computing, deep learning, etc. The focus of the course is the application of these techniques to creative domains, e.g., visual art, music, etc. We will practice applying these techniques through practical assignments.

Course objectives

This course will provide an overview of the topic of creative AI. After the successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • explain how AI can be used to support human creativity;

  • compare different generative techniques for developing creative AI;

  • apply generative techniques to develop creative systems; and,

  • interpret findings from experiments with creative AI.


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Mode of instruction

Lecture, Seminar.

Assessment method

Assignments (60%)
Research Project (40%)

Assignments will accompany and expand on material covered in the lectures, completion of the assignments is required. The final grade will be calculated as a weighted average of the assignments and the research project. There is an opportunity to retake assignments, however, retakes can only achieve a maximum grade of 7.

Reading list

Study materials will be provided by the lecturer during the course.


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