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Intermediate Turkish


Admission requirements

Pre-Intermediate Turkish or equivalent.


““Intermediate Turkish” is designed as a continuation of “Pre-Intermediate Turkish” and introduces new grammar and vocabulary to reach a “threshold level” of Turkish around particular themes, such as education, family, art, sports and travel. Different from previous courses, this course is reading intensive such that new concepts, words, expressions and grammar points are introduced through a variety of texts tailored for student needs. By the end of the course, students will have achieved a B1 level of Turkish proficiency.

Course objectives

By the end of the course, students will have achieved a threshold level of Turkish proficiency in order to communicate in daily and professional settings, and understand facts and opinions in written texts such as newspaper articles and stories. By the end of the semester, students will have a better understanding of Turkish language and culture needed to successfully interact with the native speakers in Turkey and elsewhere.

  • Grammar: Subject relative, non-subject relative, compound tenses, lexical and grammatical reflexive and reciprocal, standard passive and impersonal passive, lexical and syntactic causative, conditional and subordination will be the main grammar points that we will cover in this course.

  • Vocabulary and use: New vocabulary items and expressions will be introduced thematically. By the end of the course, students will reach a threshold level of vocabulary knowledge and have skills needed to guess the meaning of unknown words and expressions using contextual clues.

  • Reading: Students will develop an intermediate level of reading proficiency, and will understand main ideas, supporting ideas and reference in authentic texts. Students will also improve strategies to read “between the lines.”

  • Writing: Writing will be introduced in combination with readings. Students will learn how to summarize and paraphrase texts. Although translation is not the main objective of the course, some activities will require them to translate parts of a text, which will become handy in the thesis writing stage when they need to use Turkish resources during their thesis work.

  • Listening and speaking: We will have some listening and speaking activities to supplement grammar and reading tasks. Although the course is reading-intensive, students will receive some implicit teaching of listening and speaking strategies.

European Common Framework goals after fulfilling Intermediate Turkish
Listening A2+
Reading B1
Spoken interaction B1
Spoken production A2+
Writing A2+


The timetables are available through My Timetable.

Mode of instruction


Assessment method

Student performance in this course will be based on the following distribution:

Partial Assessment points Weighing
Quizzes 4 x 5 20%
Creative projects 2 x 10 20%
Homework assignments 10 x 2 20%
Midterm exam 15 15%
Final exam 25 25%
Total 100 100%


Important note: The resit exam is a make up for your scores for the final exam only. (not midterm and final)

Reading list

Required coursebook:
A Student Grammar of Turkish (Nihan Ketrez, 2012, Cambridge University Press)
Extra materials will be provided by the instructor.


Enrolment through MyStudyMap is mandatory.
General information about course and exam enrolment is available on the website



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