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Admission requirements

This course is part of the ResMA History Programme. It is not accessible for students within the BA or MA.


The tutorial serves as a first step in the planning and framing of the research master’s thesis. Students may use the tutorial to orient themselves on relevant approaches in other disciplines, to discuss literature on new or unfamiliar areas, to explore new conceptual and theoretical angles, or to do a pilot study of a potential source material. Tutor and student will decide jointly what is most appropriate. Consequently, the methods of assessment vary in each individual case.


  • 5-10 relevant books are read (or an equivalent in articles) and discussed with the tutor;

  • The student audits a relevant BA or MA course (with permission of the lecturer of the course);

  • Compilation of a relevant bibliography;

  • Reflection on relevant sources and their possibilities (and restrictions);

  • Discussion about possible research methods.


In the course of the tutorial a senior university lecturer prepares the individual student to conduct research independently, creatively and critically. If the needs of the student require it, some of the tutorials can also be conducted by other scholars from the LIUH or another university. The student approaches the tutor.

Thesis supervision

In the third semester, the tutorial may take on the form of actual thesis supervision. However, the student may also decide to approach a different lecturer as a potential supervisor. The supervisor acts as first reader of the thesis and is chiefly responsible for monitoring the implementation of the thesis and planning a set number of meetings with the student. Tutorials help students to formulate a well-defined research question and a feasible research plan for their thesis.


  • Student approaches possible tutor (please note that this course does not require a registration through MyStudymap!);

  • Student informs Coordinator of Studies with which tutor the student will take up the Tutorial;

  • Student completes assignments as agreed between tutor and student;

  • Upon completion, tutor hands in results with the Huizinga Education Administration Office (see contact details below under ‘Contact’).

Assessment method

Students will be graded for their tutorial

In case of an unsatisfactory overall mark, the student may contact the tutor concerning resit options


  • For course related questions, contact the lecturer listed in the right information bar.

  • For questions about enrolment, admission, etc, contact the Education Administration Office: Huizinga.


Not applicable.