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Resistance, Revival and Change; Mechanisms and Expressions


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In this course, the student will study practices and conflicts regarding modernity and its discourses in present-day Latin America. The students will further explore the topic of modernity within critical Latin American thinking by building on the knowledge of conceptual debates and critical thinking already gathered on the topic of modernity in the course Aproximaciones teóricas a la modernidad latinoamercana, which was given in the semester’s first bloc.

After having acquired insight into conceptual debates from the former course, in this one the student will be complemented with theoretical approaches in social studies. From here onward, the student will observe how modernity is lived out and the discourses of modernity circulated, so as to analyze the wide array of responses from civil society, its relation to the state, and how such expressions may influence the state-civil society relation.

Based on specific case studies across the cultural and national geographies of Latin America, the student will learn how citizens mobilize, change social relations, and produce culture regarding hegemonic definitions of citizenship, gender, ethnicity, class, and legitimacy within a broader and interdisciplinary approach.

Course objectives

Knowledge and insight in the main Latin American theories on Modernity in social studies and cultural studies.

To learn how to critically select, define and study a research topic through the examples of the research topics of the team of lecturers.

To learn how to select the literature relevant to a particular case-study and how to approach it methodologically through the examples of the research topics of the team of lecturers.

A thorough knowledge and understanding of the interdisciplinary aspects of Latin American studies and the different methodological approaches of each case-study.

A thorough knowledge and understanding of central research questions and debates in the field of Latin American studies.

How to build an argument that leads to its conclusion in a clear, coherent, and verifiable manner

Reflect on theoretical, social, cultural, and ethical aspects in the debate on Latin American modernity

The ability to give persuasive oral presentations; To write a well-founded written report of the state of the art in their research field of Latin American modernities.


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Assessment method

A final paper about one of the topics of the course. If the grade is lower than 6.0 there is a re-sit that consists of an improved version of the final paper. Active participation in the course’ seminar meetings is a requirement.

Reading list

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