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Lecture Series



The Honours College FSW Lecture Series enables students to broaden and deepen their understanding of cutting-edge science. Students attend a series of eight self-selected lectures organized by Leiden University, such as a PhD defense, an inaugural lecture, a lecture organized by Studium Generale, a lecture as part of a conference, a valedictory lecture, or a debate. Students choose the topics themselves.

Students write a critical and nuanced review about four lectures, looking at diverse aspects such as the context of the lecture, the style of the lecturer as well as the accessibility of the lecture. The goal of the Lecture Series is for students to obtain a better understanding of contemporary debates in the academic world, potentially in different fields than they are being trained for.

Course objectives

Through this course, we strive to achieve that students are able to:

  • consciously and strategically select lectures

  • review lectures critically and nuanced

  • identify major topics in the academic debate

  • write a thoughtful and attractive review that informs others

Course material

Student chooses lectures that enable them to broaden and deepen their horizon. The calendar of Leiden university serves as a source of inspiration:

Mode of instruction

Students are expected to invest approximately 28 hours for this 1 ECTS course by:

  • Consciously and strategically selecting and attending eight lectures – 10 hours

  • Writing four critical and nuanced lecture reviews – 16 hours

  • Reading and reflecting on received feedback for growth – 2 hours

Assessment methods

The student passes this course upon the proved attendance of eight lectures and the successful completion of four reviews.


The student may select lectures in the languages they understand. The reviews may be written in English or Dutch.


The skills predominantly covered in this course are shown in bold:

Researching Collaborating Reflecting
Analysing Oral communication Independent learning
Generating solutions Written communication Resilience
Project-based working Presenting
Digital skills Societal awareness


Students are responsible for consciously and strategically selecting lectures themselves throughout the year.

Admission requirements

Second and third year students of the Honours College track Science, Society and Self can follow the Lecture Series. Students are allowed to take this course twice during their Honours College trajectory.


Students that are interested in following the Lecture Series should contact their HC coach.

Contact information

Students that have any questions about the Lecture Series should contact their HC coach.