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Linear Analysis (BM)


Admission requirements

Linear algebra (Metric) topology
Basics of measure and integration theory


This course introduces the participants to some of the fundamental parts of functional analysis, a discipline that is concerned with ubiquitous abstract structures in analysis. It covers the basic theory of Hilbert and Banach spaces and their operators.

Course Objectives

  • Knowledge of the concepts of normed space, Banach space, Hilbert space, orthonormal basis, linear operator, bounded operator, dual space.

  • Knowledge of the theorems of Hahn-Banach, Banach-Steinhaus, closed graph, and bounded inverse.

  • The ability to apply these concepts and theorems to solve problems in functional analysis.


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Mode of instruction

Lecture (2 hours) and question hour (non-compulsory).

Assessment method

Written exam and homework, where homework counts as a practical. To pass the course, the grade for the written exam must be at least 5, regardless of what the homework grade is. For the final grade, the homework counts for 25% and the written exam for 75%, unless the grade for the written exam is higher than the aforementioned weighted average. In the latter case, the final grade is equal to the the grade for the written exam. The homework is not compulsory. During the course, there will be six homework assignments to be handed in at predetermined dates. Out of these, the five best count towards the final grade.

Reading list

Compulsory: “Linear Functional Analysis” by Rynne and Youngson, 2nd ed., Springer, 2008, ISBN: 978-1-84800-004-9.
For students, a paper version of this book is also available for approximately 25 euro via the MyCopy-option in SpringerLink.
Alternatively, a free PDF can legally be obtained by students via SpringerLink.
Please note that one has to use a computer at the Mathematical Institute for both these options.


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