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Introduction to political and economic developments of the PRC


This course will give a general survey of the political and economic developmenst of China from 1949 to the present day. Emphasis will be put on the intricate relations between political practices and economic reforms.


Second semester, two hours per week. See time table for time and location.



A la Carte- en Contractonderwijs

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Students are expected to acquire the following knowledge:

*general familiarity with the historical circumstances under which political and economic developments took place in China; *solid understanding of the major political events and economic reforms; *critical reflection about the complexity of transition from a command economy to market socialism; *appreciation of the interactions between politics and economy in the unique Chinese context.

The course will provide the necessary background knowledge for the pursuit of second- and third-year level courses on politics and economy. ### Literatuur

*Barry Naughton, The Chinese Economy: Transitions and Growth._ (_MIT Press, 2007) *Craig Dietrich, People\‘s China: A Brief History,_ 3rd. ed._ (Oxford University Press, 1998) *Woei-Lien Chong en Tak-Wing Ngo (red.), China in Verandering: Balans en Toekomst van de Hervormingen (Almere: Parthenon, 2008)


Written exam (70%)
Essay (30%)
(exam and essay must each be voldoende)


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Blackboard will be used for learning materials and for the group projects.

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Topics to be discussed include:

*socialist construction, 1949-58; *revolutionary radicalism, 1958-78; *socialist market reform, 1978-92; *nationalistic capitalism, 1992-present.