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Stress in plants


This 8-day-course will consist of a series of lectures and research discussions, focusing on stress in plants, with special attention given to molecular aspects and to applications in plant biotechnology. Topics to be dealt with are: plant-insect interactions, plant stress hormones, oxidative stress, osmostress, plant disease, and nutritional deficiency (especially symbiotic nitrogen fixation). In the morning lectures, an overview will be presented of recent research data and views and, when appropriate, it will be discussed how these data can be used for applications in industry and agriculture. In the afternoon discussions, selected papers from scientific journals will be critically analyzed with respect to specification of research questions, to the strategy of experimentation, and to the (practical) value of the results. In these discussions, the attendants will act as if they are reviewers of an international scientific journal. At the end of the course, each attendant has to prepare a critical evaluation of a scientific manuscript.


prof.dr. J. Kijne

Methods of instruction

Lectures and research discussions

Study material

Selection of research papers


Critical evaluation of a scientific paper

Course requirements/recommendations

basic knowledge of molecualr biology

Time table





maximal 15 deelnemers.

this course is mandatory for the Master profile Exp Plant science