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Systematics and biology of cryptogamic plants

Course 2003-2004

This unique course, of lectures, practicals, demonstrations and 2 field excursions, provides a modern overview of the marvellous diversity and phylogeny of cryptogams, their lifecycles, other biological characteristics and evolutionary developments (i.e. overall introduction followed by specialised treatments of the fungi – 3 days, algae s.l. – 4 days, bryophytes – 3 days and pteridophytes – 3 days). The excursion will introduce ecological and floristic aspects, and are meant to practise identification skills


dr. G.M. Lokhorst

Methods of instruction

lectures, excursions, presentations

Study material

Recommended general reading: Graham, L.E. & L.W. Wilcox, 2000. \’ Algae\’. Prentice Hall; Kendrick, B. 1992, \‘The Fifth Kingdo\’, Ed.2. Newburyport; Schofield, W.B. 2001 (reprint), \‘Introduction to bryology\’. New Jersey; Kramer, K.U. et al. 1995, \‘Farne und Farnverwandte\’. Morphologie-Systematik-Biologie. Talheim.


Written exam

Course requirements/recommendations

basic knowledge plant kingdom

Time table




minimal 4, maximal 20 participants

costs: reader and partially costs field trips