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Scientific writing


Objectives: The training provides the language skills to communicate research outcomes adequately to the scientific community. This relates both to text construction and to proper use of (academic) English. Furthermore the course provides insight in the selection of the proper scientific magazine to publish in, and in the requirements for acceptance of draft articles by editors. Contents: Learning to conduct proper research is a major aim of academic training. Equally important for a student is to acquire the skills to communicate his/her research.Writing convincingly and preparation of readable articles and research papers is a distinct object of training in this course. The training prepares students to produce articles for scientific journals based on their own research. The student gets useful instructions to enhance the likelihood that an article will be accepted and published. By way of short assignments students learn to improve their writing efficiency. Structure: The course consists of instruction lectures, lectures by invited speakers and short writing exercises. At the end of the training each student will write a ready-to- publish article.


nog onbekend / dr. G. Barendse

Methods of instruction

Lectures, short and long writing assigments

Study material



Maximal 15

Participants of the route Natuur en Milieu (year 3) and the profile SUS have preference