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Immunology (Medicine)



This immunology course will teach you

  1. How the human body protects itself against pathogenic micro organisms.
    1. The consequences of immune failure.
    2. How immune reactions prevent, but also cause illness.
    3. That many common diseases involve either excessive immune reactions or the lack of immunity.
    4. That understanding of the immune system is crucial for proper diagnosis and treatment of patients.


Before you can appreciate how immune reactions, or the lack thereof, can cause disease, some basic understanding of how the immune system works is required. During the first week of this course, we will provide you with these basic insights and we will discuss examples of clinical settings where proper knowledge of the immune system makes the difference between life and death. During the final two weeks of the course, we will present and discuss a rang of medical conditions involving immunology, including patient demonstrations.


  • The Immune System, 3rd Ed Peter Parham

Form of tuition

  • Introductory lectures

  • Caput Lectures

  • Clinical Conferences

  • Work group sessions

  • Self assessment questions

  • Questions hours

Mode of assessment

20 Multiple Choice questions

5 Open questions