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Linguistics: Advanced English Morphology

Course 2010-2011

Admission Requirements



In this course we focus on the morphology of English, using as our background Plag’s book on English word-formation (Plag 2003). In addition, we will study a number of articles on morphological topics (such as inflection, derivation, compounding and productivity) to deepen our understanding of the issues involved.

Course Objectives

To extend the students’ knowledge of morphological theory as applied to English (building on introductory textbooks, e.g. Carstairs-McCarthy 2002); to introduce them to the question of the relationship between morphological theory and data.


The timetable will be available from July 1 onwards on the Department website.

Mode of Instruction

Two-hour seminar per week.


  • Presentation/participation (10%)
  • Essay 1, 1500 words (40%)
  • Essay 2, 2000 words (50%)


This course is not supported by Blackboard.

Reading list

  • Plag, Ingo (2003). Word-formation in English. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
  • Carstairs-McCarthy (2002). An Introduction to English Morphology. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press (or a comparable introductory book)
  • Additional reading material (made available during the course)


Students can register through uSis.

Contact information

English Department, P.N. van Eyckhof 4, room 103c. Phone: 071 527 2144, or mail: