Due to the Corona Virus the information regarding study and examination for semester 2 (block 3 and 4) is not up-to-date. For the latest news please check the course page in Blackboard/Brightspace.


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Multidisciplinary research second year


Prerequisites and restrictions

Admission to the RMA-programme.


Choose courses (2 × 5 ects) from the vast range of MA and RMA-courses that are organised by different disciplines and sections within and outside the faculty to accommodate your particular interests and specialisations.
Courses are chosen in consultation with the track leader / supervisor of the specialisation at the start of the course programme. The programme has to be approved by the board of the Graduate School.
Overview of MA-specialisations (select any specialisation to see the courses on offer).
Overview of RMA-specialisations (select any specialisation to see the courses on offer).
Overview of MA electives (choose among the non-specialisation courses, the other courses are in the MA-specialisations overview).

Time schedule

Course schedule details for MA-courses and MA-electives can be found in the MA time schedule.
Course schedule details for RMA-courses can be found in the RMA time schedule.