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The Rise of Rome and the Unification of the Mediterranean


Admission requirements


This seminar series offers an introduction to some of the key issues in ancient history. It covers the large processes of transformation that were a consequence of the political unification of the Mediterranean world under the aegis of Rome. In the process all parties concerned, the Romans included, were forced to find new balances in the political, social, economic, ideological and religious sphere. In the course, we will discuss subjects like processes of hellenisation, romanisation and acculturation, and changes in the religious sphere.

Course objectives

Students will acquire:

  • Knowledge of some of the key processes of transformation of the Roman world.

  • Insight into some of the major modern debates about Roman history


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Mode of instruction

Literature seminar; attendance is compulsory (see the rules and regulations of the Department of History, art. 2).
The course consists of 6 sessions that each cover a different topic. Each week, students will have to read ca 200 pages of modern literature and a selection of ancient sources in translation on the basis of which they will have to write a short essay.

Assessment method

48 hours before each session, students must hand in an annotated essay of 1500 words at maximum (excl. notes). Please note that this applies also to the first session. Each essay is marked; the average of these marks plus a mark for participation constitutes the final mark.


Blackboard [1011] Rise of Rome. Apart from registering through the normal procedure for admission to courses, students should also enrol themselves at this site before the start of the course.

Reading list

See Blackboard [1011] Rise of Rome for literature lists, essay questions, and further details.


See enrolment-procedure

Contact information

With the coordinator: Dr. L.E. Tacoma


Please note that Ancient History offers in both semesters a different Literature Seminar. Students can choose between the two, or take both. MA- or MPhil-students outside the History Department can take the course as an optional course; it is however not possible to take either course for 5 ECTS.