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Exploring the dilemmas of Archaeological Heritage Management


Compulsory attendance

Prerequisites and restrictions

BA degree (or equivalent) in archaeology or a relevant discipline.
SAP and exchange students: admission after approval by the Graduate School of Archaeology.
Tutorial Heritage management (approved essay).


In the second phase of this specialisation students will be confronted with ethical and professional issues and dilemmas in the context of themes like public archaeology, spatial planning, selection, presentation, tourism, etc. Each theme is presented by an (international) guest lecturer. The students then study in depth a particular case or situation, which they present, discuss and review with the other course participants.

Learning objectives

  • In-depth understanding of various aspects of international heritage management (protecting, managing, interpreting and experiencing the heritage);

  • In-depth understanding of the dilemmas of archaeological resource management from a global and international perspective;

  • Insight into the diversity of opinions, approaches and stakeholders, and the role of the archaeologist in these;

  • Awareness of the relation of topics (like protecting, managing, interpreting and experiencing the heritage) to wider debates;

  • Gaining a critical view into the current debates;

  • Ability to analyse and discuss literature;

  • Ability to voice one’s own properly argumented opinion, through a presentation and discussions;

  • Ability to express one’s own properly argumented opinion in a paper (review).

Mode of delivery

  • (Guest) lectures;

  • Student presentations;

  • Written reviews;

  • Preparatory reading.


  • Attendance;

  • Presentation and written abstract;

  • Contribution to the seminar discussions;

Reading list

To be announced.

Time schedule

Course schedule details can be found in the MA time schedule.