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Seminar ecology


Compulsory attendance


Prerequisites and restrictions

BA degree (or equivalent) in archaeology or a relevant discipline.
SAP and exchange students: admission after approval by the Graduate School of Archaeology.


The seminar involves reading assignments, presentations and papers. Key literature will be discussed and students will be asked to prepare, present and discuss papers. Attention will also be given to various ways of presenting the material (PowerPoint, slides, overhead sheets, etc.)

Learning outcomes

  • Knowledge of the latest research and current debates of science-based archaeology;

  • Have a critical view on the latest research and on current debates;

  • A deeper understanding of critical reading of research papers: assessing the reliability of the data presented and conclusions stated in a research paper;

  • Ability to discuss the background and relevance of these papers in a seminar context;

  • Ability to critically assess the literature and voice one´s own properly argumented opinion;

  • Ability to formulate research questions independently.

Mode of delivery

  • (Guest)lectures;

  • Presentations;

  • Discussion sessions.


  • Written examination;

  • Presentation.

Reading list

To be announced.

Time schedule

Course schedule details can be found in the MA time schedule.