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Tutorial Archaeozoology/Mammalian Palaeontology


Compulsory attendance


Prerequisites and restrictions

BA degree (or equivalent) in archaeology or a relevant discipline.
SAP and exchange students: admission after approval by the Graduate School of Archaeology.


The study of mammalian remains from an archaeological context within the framework of current archaeological issues. The master study has two different fields of research. An archaeozoological one, that mainly focuses on the palaeo-economy of prehistoric and historic societies in the Netherlands. The role of domesticated animals as well as wild animals will be investigated. The faunal evolution of the Pleistocene faunas in Northwestern Europe is the main theme of the second research line. The aim of the study of smaller as well as larger mammals is to solve biostratigraphical, palaeo-ecological and taphonomical questions. What is the age of an archaeological site, what are the ecological conditions during the Palaeolithic period and what is the relation between humans and the other members of the mammalian community? These are the major research topics in the second field.

Learning outcomes

Gaining a solid base for one’s own independent research and a thesis in the field of Archaeozoology/Mammalian Palaeontology.

Mode of delivery

  • Lectures;

  • Workshops;

  • Discussion meetings.


  • Written examination;

  • Presentation;

  • Thesis.

Reading list

To be announced.

Time schedule

Course schedule details can be found in the MA time schedule.