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Scientific Computing


Actual course information
In this course you will learn to handle UNIX computer systems, build simple shell scripts to combine programmes, at least one of the often used programming languages and you will gain knowledge and experience on basic numerical techniques that are often used in the field of Scientific Computing. This course is very multi-disciplinary and will partly be held at the Free university of Amsterdam (VU). The course consists of four out-of six modules: ‘an introduction to Linux’, ‘Python scripting’, ‘Fortan programming’, ‘C programming’, ‘High performance computing’ and ‘Numerical methods’. Each module will take a week and the ‘an introduction to Linux’ module is compulsory for all students.
elective MSc course
Additional info:

Registration required The modules ‘Introduction Linux’, ‘High performance computing’ and ‘Numerical methods’ will be held in Leiden (UL), the modules ‘Python scripting’, ‘C Programming’ and ‘Fortan programming’ will be given at the Free University of Amsterdam.