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MCB Research Project

Course 2010-2011

EC: 54-72 or 2 × 36


Prof. dr. Herman Spaink; email:


In the first month the student will get acquainted with the research topic by reading scientific literature directly related to the research project, and by performing the first experiments under guidance of the direct supervisor. At the end of this first month the student will present the research plan in a general work discussion of the department (initial oral presentation: 1 EC). The next months of the research project the student will perform experiments according to the plan, and keep up to date on the developments in the field by reading literature and participating in regular work discussions.

Methods of instruction


Study material

Scientific literature provided by the supervisor


The research project will be finalized by writing a Master thesis (3-4 weeks: 5 EC, or 2× 2 weeks: 3 EC) that describes and discusses the results obtained. The results will also be presented in a final oral presentation during the general work discussion in the department (1.5 week: 2 EC).

Course requirements/recommendations

Successfully finalized the first 3 courses of the MSc track MCB.

Time table

October/November 2010 – Juli 2011


Contact MCB staff in time for MSc research projects.
via USIS



Course objective

To obtain a more detailed insight into the selected research field, and to obtain training in experimental MCB research, with the final aim to become an independent researcher.