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Wittgenstein's Tractatus


Admission requirements

Basic knowledge of Logic, Metaphysics, Epistemology and Philosophy of Science is required.


Wittgenstein’s Tractatus is one of the most influential philosophical works in the 20th century. Its overall structure and general doctrine are relatively easy to grasp, but its details can be frustratingly difficult. The course aims at a thorough, and reasonably close reading of the work, tracing its background in “the great works of Frege and the writings of … Betrand Russell”, as well as in Schopenhauer, Tolstoy and Hertz. Reading, and sometimes other, assignments are given each week.

Method of instruction



The examination will be by means of a substantial take home task.

Required reading

To be announced


See Rooster BA Wijsbegeerte 2010-2011


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Contact information

Prof.dr. B.G. Sundholm: b.g.sundholm@phil.leidenuniv.nl


Specialisation: Theoretical philosophy