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Nietzsche and Politics (MTC)


Admission requirements

Good comprehension of German.
Available as elective subject to instructor’s agreement.


A course on Nietzsche as a political thinker with special emphasis on the critical and constructive potential of his thought for contemporary democracy and democratic theory. Key topics include: the problem of Nihilism and its manifestaion in modern democracy; the agon and agonistic appropriations of Nietzsche’s thought; Nietzsche and Arendt; Nietzsche and Rawls on justice and perfectionism; grosse Politik; rethinking democratic values (freedom, equality, popular sovereignty) in Nietzschean terms.

Course objectives

Course objectives will be posted on Blackboard by the start of the course.


See Rooster BA Wijsbegeerte 2010-2011

Mode of instruction

Lectures (hoorcollege) and seminars (2 hours + 1 hour)

Assessment method

  • Seminar presentations & assignments (20%)

  • Paper 4000 – 5000 words (80%).


Weekly use for announcements, assignments, course documents (lecture notes, primary texts etc.) and course information.

Reading list

  • Various texts from Nietzsche, Sämtliche Werke Kritische Studienausgabe (dtv/de Gruyter, Berlin, 1980. ISBN 3-11-008117-2)


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Contact information

Dr. H.W. Siemens:


Specialisations: Geschiedenis van de filosofie; Ethiek en Politieke filosofie; Filosofie van mens, techniek en cultuur.