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Tutorial (all specialisations)


For the duration of the semester, each student will be supervised by a senior university lecturer or professor in tutorials. For example this could be a series of six meetings during the semester for which the student will write a short paper on prescribed reading. The tutorial is meant to carefully plan and prepare the student to write his/her M.Phil.-thesis, which has to be completed in the second year. The tutorial is of crucial importance since the M.Phil.-thesis can be the beginning of a Ph.D.-thesis. The idea is that Ph.D.-students work on the basis of a finished M.Phil.-thesis towards their Ph.D.. In other words: for those students who will continue towards a Ph.D.-degree, the potential subject of their Ph.D.-thesis is determined in the tutorial. Students are advised to ask a full professor to take part in the tutorial and advise them on the formulation of the final research proposal.