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Structure: Japanese Grammar I



This unit will focus on developing students’ knowledge of the basic grammar of Japanese. Lectures on various aspects of Japanese grammar and sentence patterns will be provided together with limited practical exercises. Students will be able to confirm their understanding of basic grammar and expand their vocabulary through these tasks. In addition, lectures will provide opportunities for students to view the Japanese language and their learning experiences from the wider (and more theoretical) context of linguistics.

Teaching method

Lectures and limited practical exercises.

Admission requirements

Japanese studies students. Other students are also welcome to enroll but they must buy the required course books and be able to read kana and elementary kanji.

Course objectives

Understanding of basic elements of Japanese grammar and sentence patterns.

Required reading

1) Minna no Nihongo I Honsatsu (Main Textbook Kanji-kana version) (zie bijv., 3A corporation 1998 (ISBN 4-88319-102-8) (or newer edition).

2) Minna no Nihongo I Honyaku Bunpo Kaisetsu in English (Translation & Grammatical Notes in English), 3A corporation 1998 (ISBN 4-88319-107-9) (or newer edition).

3) Bunt, Jonathan, Oxford Japanese Grammar and Verbs, Oxford University Press, 2003 (ISBN 978-0-19-860382-5) (or newer edition).

Test method

Written examination at the end of the term on grammar and vocabulary.

Structure & Relative weights:

Taalverwerving Ia (5+ 5+ 5 ects = 15 ec):

Taalkundige structuur I, 5691VTJGAH (Structure: Japanese Grammar I) (5 ec):

  • Grammatica: 70%

  • Vocabulaire: 30%

Taalbeheersing I (5 ec) JB1ATA:

  • Conversatie & Luistervaardigheid I: 60%

  • Kanji-introductie I: 40%

Teksten: Beginners niveau I (5 ec) 5691VTMTAW: 100%

Time table

Check Links on the first page of the Japanese Studyguide 2010-2011


Please contact Dhr. Dr. E.D. Herber


Enrollment via uSis is mandatory.

For more information about enrollment check Links on the first page of the Japanese Studyguide 2010-2011

Enrollment for A la carte:
Enrollment for Contractonderwijs:


Grammar notes and slides, course schedule.


Students can progress within a skill. Meaning that in order to be able to take for example BA2 1st semester Conversatie & luistervaardigheid, students must first have completed:
(1) BA1 Taalverwerving Ia/Taalbeheersing I/Conversatie & Luistervaardigheid I
(2) BA1 Taalverwerving Ib/Taalbeheersing II/Conversatie & Luistervaardigheid II
In order to advance to the 2nd semester of BA3, ALL other language courses must be completed first.