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CP Tiele Student and Staff Seminar


Admission requirements

In addition to the general rules set for admission to the master program Religious Studies, students are expected to have basic knowledge of Anthropology and Sociology of Religion, and of Philosophy of Science. A working knowledge of the English language, and a basic training in writing essays and performing presentations is necessary.
This course is compulsory for all students who pursue a MA track ‘Comparative Religion’.


The C.P. Tiele Student/Staff Seminar is the main locus of interaction between current students and staff and their learned predecessors. Its bi-weekly meetings are devoted to re-reading the classics of the Study of Religion and exploring their importance for modern developments in the Study of Religions. This year, we will read Ernst Cassirer, An Essay on Man (1944) in the first semester, together with Kairos Student/Staff Seminar. The reading for the spring semester will be Hannah Arendt, On Revolution.

Course objectives


Mode of instruction

  • Bi—weekly meetings: 24 × 2 hours (48 hours)

  • Bi-weekly reading assignments: 24 × 4 hours (72 hours)

  • Presentation (20 hours)
    Total: 140 hours

Mode of instruction

Participation & presentation

Assessment method


Reading list


Prospective students of this course are advised to contact the instructors at least one month before the program will start.

Contact information