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Sustainable development: theory and practice


This course is an English-language part of CML’s minor curriculum Sustainable Development (that is taught mainly in Dutch). The course is open for students with any background. It is designed for the 3rd year of the bachelor but is advanced enough to function in a Masters curriculum as well. It will start in november 2010.

The course teaches themes that lie close to CML’s research programme. The current themes are:

  • Sustainable land (and sea) use in the Netherlands and the developing countries

  • Biodiversity conservation in the Netherlands and on the global level

  • The transition towards sustainable industry

  • Modeling and managing the earth system.

In all themes, attention will be paid to theory and models as well as applied and societal aspects.

Students from Leiden University can register for the minor via uSis starting May 1, 2010.

Other students can make known their interest using our Minor application form Students from Leiden University have priority in access.