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Focus 5b: Gender Dynamics in Contemporary Japanese Society II


Admission requirements

To enroll in this course, students must have successfully completed BA3 Focus Gender Dynamics in Contemporary Japanese Society I.


Gender structures the lives of women and men in all societies, yet varies in shape and dynamics. In this course, we will explore the dynamics of gender in modern Japan, from the Meiji period to the present. Going beyond women as the primary focus of gender studies, readings will explore the structures, processes and practices, which contribute to gender difference and its reproduction in the economy, society, and the state. Themes may include gender and family relations in premodern and early modern Japan, the rise of the good wife, wise mother ideology in early twentieth century Japan, state regulation of reproduction and sexuality, the emergence of the New Middle Class and salaryman in postwar Japan, as well as contemporary issues, such as gender inequality in the work place, the delay in marriage and child birth and marginal masculinities.

Course objectives

In the second part of this course, students will primarily read Japanese texts related to their thesis. Attendance of the first semester of this course is required in order to complete the second part of the course. In addition to learning how to read and analyze Japanese materials and texts, students will also receive instruction and guidance on the preparation of the BA thesis in form of workshops focused on proposal and thesis writing, as well as the presentation of on-going research.


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Mode of instruction


Assessment method

Participation element (attendance, participation in class and in thesis workshops) 30%
Translation element (webpostings and presentation) 50%,
Review element (literature review): 20%


Blackboard plays an essential part in this course. All important information about the course, including the syllabus, course requirements, and other information, except for the course readings, will be available on the course website. As part of class participation, students will also be required to make weekly postings on the Blackboard website. Internet access is therefore essential in order to complete this course.

Reading list

To be announced


Enrollment through uSis is mandatory.

Contact information

Dr. A. Ezawa