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Academic year in Japan


Admission requirements


In total, the amount of ECTS for the whole year in Japan (which means the Dutch second semester of the first year of the MA, and the first and part of the second semester of the second year of the MA) will be 60 ECTS.

The “Thesis Tutorial” course (early second semester MA1 in Leiden) should provide the basis for and shape the agenda of the year in Japan. Along with participating in courses offered by the Japanese university each student is is placed at, at this stage of the program the student should also become actively concerned with writing the thesis.

It is the responsibility of the student to maintain contact with his/her Leiden supervisor in order to keep on track with individual research and writing. A general guideline for the second year of the programme is that supervisors and students should have contact in person, by email or other means of contact at least once a month. Students are advised to get in touch with their supervisor soon after the first semester in Japan (August) to prepare for the submission of the first Progress Report due in September. The reports require the student to self-assess his or her progress against the research plan drafted together with the supervisor during the Thesis Tutorial, and are a compulsory requirement for awarding 60 EC for the year in Japan.

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Dr. Katarzyna Cwiertka