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Colloquium: Political Philosophy


Content description

In this course, the groundwork for the track seminars will be laid. This is done by studying the debate in political theory from which current controversies have issued. We shall delve into such discussions as the liberalism-communitarian debate and that between political and comprehensive liberals, thus giving an overview of the principal strands of political philosophy that will be treated in a more in-depth way in the several seminars of the track.
The purpose of the course is to give students a working knowledge of the principal arguments structuring the several discussions.

Method of instruction

Seminar meetings; discussion.


  • Will Kymlicka: Contemporary Political Philosophy, 2nd ed., Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002.
    Assorted articles and book chapters.

Method of examination

End paper of appr. 4000 words.


Monday 1November till 20 December, 11.00.-13.00 hrs. in 1A33.