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Constitutional Courts in Comparative Perspective



Constitutional courts are the ultimate arbiters in the allocation of rights, powers, and resources between levels of government and citizens; and thus play a central role in the foundations of our political systems. Yet, the study of constitutional courts is often carried out by constitutional law scholars specialising in single cases. This seminar aims to compensate for this by examining constitutional courts in a comparative perspective. Cases to be covered include the US, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, and Belgium.

Methods of Instruction

2 meetings of 2 hours per week for eight weeks.

Study material

Literature (approx. 1000 pp). Collection of articles to be announced.


Term paper and participation.


Wednesday 3 November till 22 December 13.00 – 15.00 hrs. in SA37 (except 3 and 17 November SA05; 10 November SA29 and 24 November 6C03)
Friday 5 November till 24 December, 13.00 – 15.00 hrs. in 1A11 (except 5 November 1A22).