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Colloquium: Comparative Politics



This course focuses on the method and substance of the discipline of Comparative politics. It will address the question what defines Comparative politics as a sub-discipline of political science, discuss the various analytical traditions within Comparative politics, and pay attention to the different methods used in comparative analysis. In substantive terms, the course focuses on a variety of classical and contemporary themes in Comparative politics, such as historical processes of state formation and nation building, democratization, the role of political parties in modern democracies, political institutions, the transformation of the welfare state, or European integration.

The objective of the course is to provide students with a sound knowledge and understanding of the main findings, issues and debates relating to the core themes in comparative politics.

Study Material

  • Daniele Caramani (2008). Comparative Politics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Assorted articles and book chapters.


Monday 1November till 20 December, 11.00.-13.00 hrs. in SA05.