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Thesis Seminar: Political Participation and Behaviour



This is the thesis seminar for the MA track Political Behaviour and Communication. Students should begin thinking about a thesis topic during the colloquium course for this MA track. Obviously, the topic should be related to the subject material pertaining to this sub discipline of political science.

Consultation concerning the topic of the thesis can take place by email or appointment (

During Block 3 the participants of the thesis seminar will develop a research proposal. The thesis will be written during Block 4.

Study material

By the end of Block 2, the student should at least have identified a topic area in which the thesis will be written. At the beginning of January, each student will meet with the instructor to identify the literature that should be read during January in order to prepare for the thesis seminar, which begins in February.


Part I: MA Thesis proposal
Part II: MA Thesis


Block III
Wednesday 2 February till 23March, 11.00-13.00 hrs., in SA35. (except 2 March, 4B07)

Block IV

Wednesday 30 March till 25 May, 11.00-13.00 hrs., in SA09 (except 27 April 2A22, 4 May 5A39, 11 May 1A22 and 18 till 25 May SA07).