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MA Thesis (Islamic Studies)


The thesis is based on original research and makes substantial use of primary material in one of the “Muslim” languages and professional literature. It is written in english, and is up to 17,000 words in length, including footnotes and bibliography and reflecting the scholarly virtues of originality, focus and conciseness. The thesis must show the student’s ability to conduct original research under supervision, and to make a contribution to scholarship in a way that inspires confidence in his/her ability to prepare written reports of good quality. Its author must show that s/he is conversant with the discourse as it emerges from influential publications in the field. It is important that the references are formatted consistently in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style.

The thesis is supervised by a lecturer of the Department of Islamic Studies who possesses the appropriate expertise in the field addressed in the thesis. The Department ensures that students are put in contact with a lecturer from their own department for thesis supervision, preferably at the commencement of the programme. During the first semester students of the MA Islamic Studies are supposed to do half of their thesis work (10 EC) and half of it in the second semester (10 EC). They will receive the full credits of the MA thesis (20 EC) after completing their thesis work succesfully.