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EU Politics and Policy


In this course we focus on the European Union and its ever increasing importance as a multi level decision-making system involving the Union institutions, member state governments and a variety of other actors. The aim of the course is to provide students with a fundamental understanding of the structure and functioning of the European Union by studying the following questions and themes:
-Why integration? The most important theories addressing European integration
-What is the role and impact of EU institutions? Institutions, decision-making procedures and their evolution.
-What are the most important EU policies and how do they .impact member states? The historical development and functioning of the EU policies. – Why enlarge? The European Union’s geographical expansion and the politics of enlargement

Dr. A. L. Dimitrova

Teaching format:
Lectures, guest lectures, debates
3 times working groups

Course material:

  • Cini Michelle, European Union Politics, Oxford University Press (3rd edition), if not available use the 2nd edition

Written exam (language either Dutch or English) and paper

Required level:

For minorstudents with the minor Law and Public Administration is it also possible to participate in the e-course in the fourth block.

Thursday 3/2-17/3 from 13-15 hr in SA-41, exept: no lecture on 3/3 but 7/3 from 11-13 hrs in room SA-41

wgr 1 thursday 10/2, and 17/3 from 9-12 hr in SA-29
wgr 2 thursday 10/2,24/2 and 17/3 from 9-12 hr in SA-33
wgr 3 friday 11/2: 5B04, and 18/3: SB11 from from 9-12
wgr 4 friday 11/2: SA21, 25/2: NNB and 18/3: NNB from from9-12

Thursday 24/3 from 09.00-12.00 hr in USC

Tuesday 14/6 from 09-12 hr in USC
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