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Student's seminar



The goal of this seminar is to prepare bachelor students for research by means of reading, abstracting, and presenting scientific literature in the context of existing courses.


Students are given suitable scientific research papers linking a second year course of the bachelor in computer science with the scientific area related to the course. Students should work in a small group on one paper per semester: one foundational and one related to more application oriented research. They have to read and understand the papers assigned to them. At the end of the semester they should be able to present the paper to their peers in a student symposium.


Attending the seminar meetings and active participation is mandatory for all students actively following most of the second year courses of the bachelor in computer science.


A choice of selected scientific research papers will be distributed in class at the beginning of each semester.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Assignment of scientific papers to students (Fall semester)
    2. Fall student seminar
    3. Assignment of scientific papers to students (Spring semester)
    4. Spring student seminar


Selected scientific research papers will be provided to the students for download.


Students will be evaluated on the basis both of their approach to reading and understanding the scientific papers assigned to them and of their presentation at the students’ symposium at the end of each semester.

Practice class