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Topics in Arithmetic Geometry


This seminar is aimed at second year master students, with a good background in number theory and geometry. It will help them working on a master thesis.
About half of the course will take place in the form of a seminar, where those who wish to obtain credit points will give lectures.

The topics treated will depend on the participants. Those interested in participating should already contact the teachers during the Fall semester. Possible topics this year include: modular forms, complex multiplication (elliptic curves, abelian varieties), Shimura varieties.

Prerequisites: the course Topics in Geometry 1’ or a similar course treating Chapter one of Hartshorne’sAlgebraic Geometry’ is a must. The same holds for a basic course in algebraic number theory.

Aantal college-uren
2 hours lecture, 13 weeks
No final exam, but active participation is required. Grade: Pass/Fail.

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