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Identities, Conflict and Transnational Politics



The aim of this seminar is to equip students with the theoretical tools to make sense of identity, conflict and non-state actors in world politics. First, the seminar will analyze in broad terms what has been defined since the 1970s as “transnational politics”: on the emergence of the actors in the literature, on the politics of transnational norms, of transnational social movements, of the transnationalization of the politics of capital, and finally on the emergence of transnational communities. The second part of the seminar will reflect upon the notion of “diaspora”, outlining the heuristic value that it has brought in the debates of the discipline: long-distance nationalism, the role of diasporas in wars and peace, in development through remittances, in the redefinition of citizenship, and the question of irredentism. Finally, the insights that these developments bring to our understanding of fundamental concepts of political science will be addressed.

Methods of Instruction

Seminar courses.


To be announced.


Reaction papers and Participation (25%) 1 oral presentation (25%), 1 final research paper (50%).


Monday 1 November till 20 December, 13.00-15.00 hrs. in 5B04 and
Thursday 4 November till 23 December, 13.00-15.00 hrs. in SA05 (except 25 November and 2 December: 0A33; 16 and 23 December SA21)