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Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry


The seminar is focused on techniques, instrumentation and analytical applications of Mass-spectrometry. With special reference to instrumentation, (soft) ionization techniques, tandem mass-spectrometry, qualitative and quantitative analysis and (bio) analytical strategies with mass-spectrometry. An introduction of the role of mass spectrometry and systems biology in pharmaceutical research will be given.


Prof. Dr. T. Hankemeier.


Master students BPS

Admittance demands

Analytical Chemistry (Analytische Biowetenschappen) or Systems biology of pharmaceutical interventions (3rd year courses bachelorstudy BFW)

Method of instruction

Lectures and self study

Required reading

Gary Siuzdak: The Expanding Role of Mass Spectrometry in Biotechnology; ISBN 0-9742451 and Ross Willoughby: A global view of LC/MS, ISBN 0-9660813-0-7


oral exam by appointment

minimal amount of students

A minimum of 5 participants is required.

Time table

The course will be taught from 15—24 November and on 26 November. See roster for details.


Via secretary Department of Analytical Biosciences (071-5274220), e-mail: