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Palaeolithic technology


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Leiden University has recently finished a three year-project of excavations at Neumark-Nord in collaboration with German research and heritage institutions. Neumark-Nord is a unique Middle Palaeolithic site with excellent preservation of bone and stone material in fine-grained lacustrine deposits dating to c.125,000 years ago. Preliminary studies of the lithic material by 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 master students have already yielded a first overview of the archaeology of this important site.
Hands-on experience with the Neumark lithic material (dr D. de Loecker) is the focus of this course, which begins with an introduction into lithic technology, including some flint knapping. Studying relevant literature relating to the Neumark lithics as well as studies dealing with its faunal assemblage (dr L. Kindler, Monrepos, Germany) and its environmental setting (prof. C.C. Bakels, Leiden) will provide the opportunity to learn how archaeologists study the depositional environment, chronology, environment, spatial patterning of archaeology, and lithic and faunal material from the site. The site will also provide opportunities for MA-thesis subjects. Neumark Nord has the potential to contribute to the three strands of research on Neandertals, and will provide an example of how archaeological data can be used to address research questions.

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