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Master Class: Hybrid cultures in Latin America


Admission requirements

Advanced level in Spanish (C1-C2). Students with an advanced knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese and a passive knowledge (reading and oral comprehension) of Spanish will be accepted.
Undergraduate degree (BA/BSc)


The aim of this course is to discuss the primary concepts of the international and Latin-American cultural theory, with special focus on the relation between image and community. Following a conceptual introduction, the program analyzes the construction and deconstruction of the identitary discourses of the continent.Emphasis will be given to the cultural strategies of the twentieth century nationalist populisms and the 21st century “neo” populisms. More particularly, this course is interested in the creative interrelationship between culture and politics, and in those genres in which melodrama forms the central procedure.

Course objectives

a) General: to stimulate the theoretical abstraction and reasoning capacity, the comprehension and discussion of speculative texts and the competence in the concrete analysis of complex examples.

b) Specific: to propose a political hypothesis about cultural activity, that destroys the stereotypes of “people” or “mass” which are manipulated by power. To experience the complexity of relations in Latin-American societies.


Collegerooster (master, 1st semester)

Mode of instruction


Assessment method

Requirements to pass the course:
a) active participation in 80% of the classes, having read the texts beforehand (to show in the discussion and a presentation of one of the texts): 40% of the grade.
b) oral presentation of the individual assignment: 20%
c) written assignment: 40%


Blackboard will be used to post all the necessary information about the course (programme, time tables, announcements, etc.). Also announcements will be posted on interesting activities (such as Conferences, workshops, expositions, etc.), which are related to the themes analyzed during the course.

Reading list

Reading list: texts in Blackboard and:

  • Castro Gómez, Santiago. Crítica de la razón latinoamericana. Barcelona, Puvill;
    1996: pp. 67-98.
    Martín Barbero, Jesús. De los medios a las mediaciones. Comunicación, cultura y
    hegemonía. México, Editorial Gustavo Gili, 1987: pp. 123-132;164-198 y 242-247.

  • Krauss, Rosalind. *“Notas sobre el Indice, Parte I y Parte 2. En La originalidad de la
    vanguardia y otros mitos modernos. Madrid, Alianza Editorial, 2002, pp. 209-235.

  • Laclau, Ernesto. La razón populista. Buenos Aires, Fondo de Cultura Económica de
    Argentina, 2005.

  • Ong, Walter. Oralidad y escritura. Tecnologías de la palabra. Buenos Aires, F.C.E, 2006
    (México, F.C.E., 1997).


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Contact information

Prof.dr. L. Rodríguez phone: +31 (0)71 527 2065.