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Master Class: Modernity in Latin America


Admission requirements

To be registered as student of a master program at the university of Leiden or other Dutch university.


This course focuses on both the fascination and frustration that Latin-Americans have concerning the phenomenon of modernity. Especially the elites have started in the course of time many projects of modernization, aiming to imitate political, cultural and economical innovations, coming from Europe and the United States, often with disappointing results. The way ordinary Latin Americans deal with modernity approaching them from outside the region, will also be analized: Where some elements are being rejected immediately, other aspects of that modernity are transformed into useful instruments for the benefit of their own social and cultural needs.

Course objectives

Learning how to study long-term historical processes based on a specific focus (modernity). Learning how to cope with the many contradictions and paradoxes as shown by the modernization process in Latin America, where reaching unexpected results often sets the tone.


Collegerooster (master, 2e semester)

Method of Instruction

Lectures and individual presentations

Assessment method

Paper and presentation


Blackboard will be used to post all the necessary information about the course (programme, time tables, announcements, etc.). Also announcements will be posted on interesting activities (such as Conferences, workshops, expositions, etc.), which are related to the themes analyzed during the course.

Reading list

  • Jorge Larraín (2000) Modernity and Identity in Latin America. Cambridge: Polity Press. ISBN: 0-7456-2624-6.

  • Extra artikelen (die worden via Blackboard nader bekend gemaakt).


Register via uSis.

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Contact information

Prof. P. Silva, phone: +31 (0)71 5275496.


Deze cursus is alleen toegankelijk voor studenten die beschikken over een goede beheersing van de Spaanse taal.