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Culture and Society of the Netherlands: An Inside View


Admission requirements

Open to all international students.


When you choose to study in the Netherlands, this course will definitely be an enrichment of your Dutch experience. This series of lectures will give you a broad overview of Dutch history and contemporary society. Topics (amongst others): geography, history, government and politics, the people, the language, and art. A bike trip and a film will also be part of the program. In pairs students make an excursion to a Dutch town and write a report on this visit.

Course objectives

This course aims at giving a broad overview of today’s culture and society of the Netherlands, and its historical backgrounds.

Time table

Thursdays 13-15
See also the time table of Dutch Studies

Mode of instruction

Lectures, excursions, and individual reading.

Assesment method

City Report 25% (15% for students who take this class for 10 ects)
Written examination on class materials and required readings 75% (85% for students who take this class for 10 ects)

Required reading

  • Emmeline Besamusca en Jaap Verheul (eds.), Discovering the Dutch: On Culture and Society of the Netherlands. Amsterdam University Press, 2010.

  • Harry Mulisch: The Assault. Translated from the Dutch by Claire Nicolas White. Pantheon Books, New York. Also translated in many other languages.
    Books are available from the Mayflower Bookshop in Leiden with a 10% discount for students of this course.
    An extra reading list is available for students who wish to extend their amount of credits to 10. Please check the Blackboard site.


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Registration in uSis is required. Please also enroll in the Blackboard site.


Http:// > courses > search for ‘Inside View’
The Blackboard site provides the complete program, texts, slideshows, quizzes that help to prepare for the test, and links to interesting pages on the internet. Please enroll. This site is available two weeks before the start of the semester.


This course is aimed at all international students.
Extension to 10 ects is possible. Please contact the lecturer.