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Focus 5b: Japanese Fascism II


Admission requirements

Successful completion of BA3 Japanese Fascism I or equivalent. Course open only to Japanese Studies majors.


In this course, a follow-up to the first semester of Japanese Fascism?, we shall read, translate, and discuss brief selections from outstanding Japanese-language works dealing with the history of wartime Japan as well as those related to other historical topics pursued by students in their BA thesis research projects. Students will also receive instruction and guidance on the preparation of the BA thesis in form of workshops focused on various stages of thesis writing, as well as the presentation of on-going research. Assessments include regular vocabulary quizzes, short translation exercises, and leadership of one weekly text session.

Course objectives

Course aims are to familiarize students with the Japanese language in its modern written, academic form, its faithful translation into English, and the success completion of the BA Thesis.


Fridays 11-13

Mode of instruction


Assessment method

—Participation element (attendance, participation in text sessions and writing/research workshops, BlackBoard feedback): 30%
—Translation element (short translation exercises, vocabulary quizzes): 30%
—Review element (literature review): 40%


Yes, Blackboard.

Reading list

Available on BlackBoard


Via Usis.

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Contact information

Dr. E Mark